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Our work in the child welfare system of care and with community partners focuses on families who have been substantiated for abuse and neglect of minor children. Our intervention focuses on the home, school and community settings for these child victims and provides supports and training for all caregivers in their life. Many parenting programs take into account attitudes or beliefs about parenting, looking for a “one size fits all” approach but do not take into account individual needs or specific behavioral or historical issues.

This program focuses on remediating these issues and focuses on competency and positive functional outcome measures, ending up with long lasting changes. The intervention offers behavioral modification, proactive education with clear outcome measures and goals for individualized family success, training to competency, and application of such aspects as “safe discipline” along with applied support and role modeling to the family as a whole so that children can live in secure, healthy home environments. The intensive in-home parent training model was developed based on The Secrets of Modern ParentingTM DVD series and targeted outcome measures to evaluate its effectiveness at accomplishing the outcome measures as prescribed by both the researchers and the Community Based Care agency, Devereux Community Base Care.

The program uses Behavior Coaches as the trainers working in home with parents who are actively engaged in a case plan agreement with the Department of Children and Families in Florida. The program was implemented in one designated county in the state of Florida through a contract awarded by the Community Based Care Agency (CBC), a non-profit agency charged with developing community-based services and supports for children and families served by the child welfare system. The CBC was looking to pilot a fresh and effective parent training locally and had worked extensively over a number of years with the group who awarded the contract. The program is based on the principles of applied behavior analysis and two Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA) oversee the program on a daily basis; these same BCBAs were responsible for program development and provided daily supervision and technical assistance to the Behavior Coaches as well as assisted with data collection and analyses. 

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