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http://smp4kids.com/images/userfiles/20130409120939.jpg Karin Torsiello, MS, BCBA

President & Board Certified Behavior Analyst
Karin Torsiello is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and is the President of Behavior Basics Incorporated, a consulting firm in Florida, and is the Director of Operations for Advantage Behavioral Group. Karin has also worked as a Behavior Analyst for 3 consulting firms and served on the faculty of the University of South Florida for seven years as the Senior Behavior Analyst with the Behavior Analysis Services Program, in partnership with the Department of Children and Families. Karin’s role includes supervising a team of behavior analysts who provided direct services to families who were experiencing behavior issues with their children; these cases often times involved children with mental health issues or developmental disabilities. Karin was also responsible for curriculum development and revision, research activities specific to parent trainings and providing trainings for caregiver’s in the community. Karin has also developed behavior management programs for local group homes and mental health facilities.

Karin’s current roles include: curriculum development for parent training, conducting behavior management trainings for parents, for teenage mothers and for prisoners awaiting re-entry into the community, providing in-home consultation services for caregivers and children, consultation with multi-disciplinary committees to review cases of children who are displaying maladaptive behaviors and training of graduate students pursuing certification as a behavior analyst.

Karin has co-authored and directed the parenting education series “The Secrets of Modern Parenting”. This DVD series has been sold worldwide and is used by many professionals and parents with success every day.


http://smp4kids.com/images/userfiles/20130313124647.jpg Paula Leonardo, MS, BCBA
Program Director & Board Certified Behavior Analyst
Paula Leonardo is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and is the Director of Clinical Services for Behavior Basics Incorporated, a behavioral sciences consulting firm based in Florida who focuses on developing the parent child relationship. Paula obtained her Masters of Science Degree in Applied Behavior Analysis from Florida Institute of Technology.  Since 2001 Paula has served the community as a Behavior Analyst including service to the University of South Florida for five years as a Behavior Analyst. In this capacity, Paula’s role included providing services to families experiencing behavior issues with their children or foster children who were living with them.  Paula has extensive experience working with children who suffer with mental health problems and/or developmental issues. In addition to direct client services, Paula also has half a decade experience providing parenting trainings for caregiver’s in the community as well as developing behavior management programs for regional group homes and mental health facilities.  Paula has a great deal of experience in training residential facility staff and monitoring implementation of behavior programs.

Paula gained her practical experience by providing in-home consultation services for caregivers.  Paula has vast experience in working with all types of caregivers and has had great success in changing the lives of those she has worked with in regards to decreasing unwanted behaviors and replacing the behaviors with appropriate ones. She currently holds the additional duties of assisting in developing curriculum for parent trainings and provides behavior management community trainings with attendees who have various backgrounds.  Paula is also involved with training college student working towards their Master’s degree in applied behavior analysis.


Angelique Walsh, MA, BCBA
Director of Staff Development & Board Certified Behavior Analyst
Angelique Walsh received her Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology from Florida State University and her Masters of Arts degree in psychology with a specialization in Applied Behavior Analysis from the University of Nevada.  Early in her career from she found great joy working with children with Autism assisting with their home program therapy and shadowing children in the school environment.   She was then hired by the University of South Florida as a faculty member to work on a granted statewide project to increase the safety and stability of children in foster care placements.  During the first six years with the University she focused on training numerous caregivers and professionals to use behavior management techniques to improve their children’s behavioral problems.  Many of the children not only had behavior problems, but also suffered from numerous mental health disorders. While with the University she worked on several research projects and a program re-design project for group homes.  In the seventh year with the University she became a senior behavior analyst in the West Palm Beach area.  As a Senior Behavior Analyst she supervised other behavior analysts working in the community with caregivers of children in foster care and to build relationships with other agencies in the community. 

Since 2008 she has been working with Behavior Basics Incorporated as a behavior consultant and the Director of Staff Development.  Behavior Basics has offered her the opportunity to design curriculum, train teenage mothers and train prisoners re-entering the community from a jail setting.  In 2008 she joined Florida Institute of Technology as an online instructor to aid in the education of students perusing their certification as Board Certified Behavior Analysts.  Recently Advantage Behavioral group has brought her on to assist with behavioral consulting and Northeastern sales.  


http://smp4kids.com/images/userfiles/20130313124749.jpg Stacy Kolias, MS, BCBA 
Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Stacy Kolias is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and has been a part of the Behavior Basics team since 2008 bringing over 8 years of experience in the behavior analysis field.  She completed her undergraduate work at Western Michigan University and then moved to Florida where she continued on to obtain her Masters of Science degree at Florida Institute of Technology.  Her Masters focused on Organizational Behavioral Management where she was a direct observer and provided key analysis of staff and client interactions in direct care agencies.  After becoming board certified in behavior analysis she started working with foster children in Southern Florida.  Stacy utilizes the Secrets of Modern Parenting DVD series where she has trained parents and caregivers in both school and home settings.  She has also worked extensively with teenage mothers in high schools developing and tailoring behavior programs exclusively for them.


http://smp4kids.com/images/userfiles/20130405115117.jpg Aliyah Sonner MA, BCBA, LMFT
Board Certified Behavior Analyst
Aliyah Sonner is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst for Behavior Basics, Inc., a behavioral sciences consulting firm based in South Florida that focuses on developing the parent child relationship. Aliyah is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California, where she obtained her Masters of Arts in Psychology from Chapman University in 2003.  Aliyah obtained her licensure in California, prior to relocating to Florida in 2005.  Early in her career Aliyah gained substantial experience working with children and teenagers with mental health and behavior issues, as well as those involved with the foster care system.  This experience prepared her to work for the Department of Children and Families, Substance Abuse and Mental Health division, as a Children’s Mental Health Specialist for Circuit 15.  This is where she was first exposed to the field of Behavior Analysis.   While completing her Professional Development courses in Applied Behavior Analysis from the Florida Institute of Technology, Aliyah began working as a Behavior Analyst for the University of South Florida. This position involved providing services to families experiencing behavior issues with their children or foster children who were living with them.  Aliyah has extensive experience working with children who suffer with mental health and behavioral problems, as well as working with families, children, and professionals in the foster care system. In addition to direct client services, Aliyah has also has experience in supervisory roles overseeing a Therapeutic Group Home and overseeing mental and  behavioral health programs for a forensic mental health facility.  Aliyah began working for BBI in 2008, and received her BCBA Certification in 2009.   She is comfortable working with a diverse set of caregivers and clientele, successfully changing the lives of clients in regards to decreasing unwanted behaviors and improving familial relationships.

   Arielle Garcia

 Behavior Analyst





Oascha Cross, MA, BCBA

 Behavior Analyst






Colleen Walizer, MS

Behavior Analyst





Joyce Cooper, MS

Behavior Analyst





http://smp4kids.com/images/userfiles/20130405115131.jpgKaren Shipper, MA
Behavior Coach
Karen Shipper has been a Behavior Coach for Behavior Basics Inc. since 2011.  Karen obtained her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communication/Journalism from Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania. In 2008, Karen obtained her Florida Teacher’s Certificate for grades K-6.  That same year, she took over as the Physical Education teacher at Bridges Montessori in Stuart, Florida.  As a teacher, she was provided great professional development opportunities, including seminars and workshops in Peaceful Parenting and Conscious Discipline.  This training was instrumental in preparing Karen for her job as Behavior Coach with Behavior Basics.  Karen lives in Palm City, Florida with her husband and 11-year old daughter.  She enjoys coaching her daughter’s softball teams and attending sporting events with her family.  Karen grew up in a Military family and had the wonderful opportunity to travel all over the world, and hopes to bring her daughter to other countries as she gets older.   


http://smp4kids.com/images/userfiles/20130405115147.jpg Mike Hart, BA
Behavior Coach
Michael has been a Behavior Coach with Behavior Basics Inc. since August 2011. Michael began his career with Refocusing the Modern Family because of his strong desire to work with families in need and serve the community in which he was raised. He earned his Bachelor of Arts in Sociology at Florida Atlantic University. As a longtime resident of the Treasure Coast, Michael has had many opportunities to meet and work with people from all backgrounds and cultures. Refocusing the Modern Family’s program gives Michael the ability to work hands on with families and closely track their progress.




 Melanie Banack, BS

Behavior Coach





Tori Poccio, BS

  Behavior Coach




http://smp4kids.com/images/userfiles/20130409121716.jpgJulia Mathes, BA
Ms. Mathes joined the Behavior Basics and Advantage Behavioral Group team in 2009 as the business manager. She has been a tremendous asset to the team and works diligently to support both companies. Before joining this team, Ms. Mathes was an Account Executive at Jardine Insurance and a Marketing Representative at Barnett Bank of South Florida. Ms. Mathes is also on staff at Bridges Montessori working in the Finance and Operations Department. She received her Bachelor’s in Business Administration, International Finance and Marketing from the University of Miami, Coral Gables. Ms. Mathes enjoys organizing and making things work efficiently.



http://smp4kids.com/images/userfiles/20130409121742.jpg Brittney Muleucis, BS
Program Supports Manager
Brittney relocated to South Florida in 2009 from New Jersey and joined the Behavior Basics team. She is an integral part of the team providing support and organization in all facets of the company. Brittney graduated from Montclair State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology. Brittney takes great pleasure in outdoor activities such as biking and hiking with her dog and she is a master chef who loves to care for people through food.





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