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The Secrets of Modern ParentingTM In-Home training program for parents focuses on making simple changes in parenting techniques to foster behavior change. The SMP In-Home training program teaches parents how to develop and strengthen appropriate behaviors in children. It aims to assist parents in teaching and reinforcing skills their children need to learn. 

The In-Home parent training is taught using The Secrets of Modern Parenting DVD series coupled with the live training of board certified behavior analysts.  The Secrets of Modern ParentingTM In-Home training program is aguide that is universally applicable to all families and is easy to understand and implement. 

Throughout each DVD there are multiple examples and non-examples of each skill and of each function type.  The steps are easy to follow, and are taught by trainers in a variety of settings. The DVDs for parents include such topics as problem behaviors, effective communication and how to create and manage a successful family.

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