Testimonials from Professionals

"I feel as if I was able to get quality continuing Ed information and that my time invested in taking this course was well-spent."
M JoAnn Ruiz-Vazquez, LCSW, Bergen County New Jersey
"Behavior Basics employs highly experienced individuals who demonstrate compassion and true care and concern for the children and families they serve. They are professional, dependable and highly successful in promoting positive behavior change in children that present with extremely challenging behavior. I would highly recommend this organizationís services."
Laura Contrera, LCSW, Sandy Pines, Director of Social Services, Palm Beach County Florida
"These videos represent a very important working tool for me. They are excellent and useful strategies to let parents know they are not alone dealing with difficult kids. But most of all, that it is not hard to apply these skills at their homes."
Melanie Arroyo, ADAPT Counselor, Ocala County Florida
"This was a fantastic training! The content of the parent training was clearly based on sound behavioral principles and then crafted to be user friendly for parents. The process regarding how to train parents to create lasting and meaningful change was also well thought out and grounded in sound behavioral principles. The same is true regarding how the training was designed for us the practitioners. I plan to apply this training in the school setting where I consult, treating the classroom staff as "families". The approach has great potential in training paraprofessionals as well as parents. Many thanks."
Ester Pline, MA, BCBA, Senior Behavior Analyst/Owner, Square Peg Partners Consulting, Wake County North Carolina
""It is a great course. I would highly recommend it to my colleagues. I love the videos and the layman language that are used with training parents and practitioners.""
Joanne Siu, M.S., BCBA, Duval County Florida
"I love the course! It's so much more than I was expecting. It's so simple/clear yet immediately applicable and functional! I was only really taking the class for credits with a mild interest. I am so happy. Thank you! ...oh and technologically speaking- the online course is so easy to follow and use. Even I did it! ...Additionally if you ever want anyone in doubt to call me as a reference, that's good too! You should know, I'm really not easily impressed."
Amy Salzman, Florida Institute of Technology Student
"Learning these skills has made my classes more enjoyable for me as well as for my students. I have learned to build better relationships with the children, specifically being in the moment and really listening to the children, even when there isn't time for it. I have learned to let inconsequential behaviors slide, which is an important tool as children regularly tend to exhibit unwanted behavior to get a teacher's attention, or to upset another child. I am better at remaining calm and much more effective as a teacher."
Karen Shipper, Teacher who benefited from program
"What I hear from my clients is very positive. A mother of two young girls has seen tremendous results in her children arguing with her and each other. She has learned to not pay attention to unwanted behavior and her daughters have responded extremely well. She has taught them new skills such as how to share their things and it has made for a much quieter household. Another client with a teenage step-daughter has said that strategy has worked wonders for them. The teen tries to upset her step-mother, and when she is ignored, she gives up. Mom has done a great job with praising wanted behavior and their relationship is getting stronger. This mom also had a terrible time getting her step-daughter to do chores and when she implemented a blueprint with specific expectations and consequences the arguing has ceased and the girl is doing what is expected of her. The mother stated that learning to institute consequences that her kids can earn and give up has made a tremendous difference. Another client has a young son who has been lying about big and small things for a long time. After practicing the strategies in the End Lying DVD, mom has learned to praise and pay off honesty, which in turn has diminished the lying. I have successfully closed 13 cases thus far, and every single family has praised The Secrets of Modern Family program --especially those that were tentative and unsure about the benefits when they first started. The skills and strategies are invaluable and easily learned to improve a family's dynamic and seem to stay with the family for a long time."
Karen Shipper, Behavior Coach

Testimonials from Parents

"I have learned many valuable life skills and strategies to make my own house a much calmer and peaceful environment. There are skills I have learned from each DVD that have improved my parenting approach as well as my relationships in general. From Building Relationships, the skills most useful for me has been letting inconsequential behaviors slide and to always remain calm, cool and collected. The Gaining Compliance blueprint has made introducing new chores and expectations go much smoother with fantastic results. Most importantly, arguments are practically non-existent. Also In End Backtalk and Disrespect element learning to "hear no evil see no evil" has probably been the most important lesson to learn to make my home a more enjoyable place to live."
Karen Shipper, mother of one, Florida
"The Secrets of Modern Parenting video series is very informative and practical. It's amazing how many parenting skills are common sense. It's even more amazing that we lose sight of common sense and begin to raise our children on emotions rather than fundamentals. This series has helped me and my husband get back to the basics. We saw results in 2 days with both children."
Joanne, Married, mother of two Seattle WA
"I have hold an MBA and consider myself a fairly successful person. I have a 5 year old son, who is a bit wild. I thought this was just normal for the age. I overheard a couple coworkers discussing The Secrets of Modern Parenting. I am nosey, so I checked out the website. I never learned to be a parent you know. After viewing the introductory film, I figured I'd buy the Building Relationships module and take it for a test drive. After downloading the video and watching it, I was back purchasing the entire series. There is so much relevant content, it is almost overwhelming. And the role plays are very entertaining and right on point. I have recommended The Secrets of Modern Parenting to all my friends and would do the same to strangers."
Richard, Single father Carlsbad, CA
"This series is even good for Grandparents. My daughter is working through some issues with her life and we are raising her child. It is very tough because we are a bit older and do not have the energy to keep up with our grandson. After viewing the videos, we now understand why we are always out of energy. We have made parenting (or grandparenting) more difficult than it has to be. The building Relationships and Gaining Compliance modules were so relevant. We are still working to become better at implementing the skills taught, but we see results already. Thanks so much for producing these videos."
Fran, Grandparent Hobe Sound, FL
"The series is great. I am looking forward to future offerings to help me become a stronger parent and role model. Thanks!!"
Christine, Married mother of four Witchita, KS
"I have been involved in foster care for 8 years and have recently legally adopted my two children, ages 4 and 12. We have had as many as 4 children at one time under our foster care supervision. These children had various backgrounds and it was challenging for my husband and myself to maintain order in our home. We managed to get by, but I wish these videos The Secrets of Modern Parenting were available then. We could have done a better job helping these children. We have purchased the entire series and they have impacted our family in a very positive way. Thank you and God Bless"
Sertia, Foster and adoptive mother Brick, NJ
"Our encounter with Behavior Basics has been a successful path for our goals of helping our grandchildren move forward from being raised in an environment of abusive parenting. The children came to live with us with anger and frustration and were acting out accordingly. We were floundering and at our wits end when, finally, the courts agreed to supply us and the boys with the service of Behavior Basics. Our analyst, Stacy Kolias, along with the learning tools provided by the program such as a series of DVDs and suggestions on how to change our methods to a more effective technique by moving away from the common approach of punishing negative behaviors to rewarding positive behavior, which, in our case has been very successful and has changed our lives from frustration and a feeling of helplessness dramatically. The results being we now have the knowledge we need and experience the successful results of this change every day. To us, Behavior Basics has been a very rewarding and positive experience and we couldn't be more grateful for their help and priceless knowledge that they have provided. We now are able to enjoy our grandchildren and feel blessed to have them in our lives."
Client of BBI, Testimonials from Parents
"My name is --- and I am the mother of a daughter that had severe behavioral problems since the age of 3. Over the years, we have had many diagnoses and medicine trials. I also tried many different behavior modification techniques either researched on my own or suggested from family, friends, professionals and even the occasional stranger. Nothing seemed to work and over the years my daughterís behaviors became increasingly violent both physically and verbally. Her physical aggression was usually aimed at the house resulting in many holes in the walls but that changed at the age of 15. She started to throw objects at me or anyone who got in her way when she was mad. I had to have her placed in a residential treatment center. While in the center she was given a new diagnoses of Aspergerís disorder. She also kept a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. A new medicine combo was started. It didnít take long to see improvement and the center reported no out of control behavior. I thought, we finally got the right medicine combo and she was cured. After three months, she was released from the center and came home. The first week home everything was good but after that things started to change. Her old behaviors rapidly came back. I called the treatment center and told them what was happening and they referred us to Behavior Basics Inc. I received a phone call from Fernando and we set up an appointment to meet and discuss my daughterís behaviors. This first meeting was very informative about my daughterís diagnoses. Fernando was so good at helping me understand what Aspergerís was. It all made sense after he explained it. He also explained her need for structure and set us up with a daily schedule and point system for rewards. I now understand why she did so well in treatment. It was because her time was so structured. My daughter was at the second appointment and Fernando got to see firsthand her physical violence. She was not happy with the changes and showed it by slamming furniture around and cursing at both of us. He remained very calm and even invited her back to join us when she was ready. She did and that really surprised me. I was wishing that I could speak calmly like him because I am a screamer. Fernando also explained to me that he would be working with me and not my daughter which was another surprise but once again he made me understand the reason. Every week I gave him a scenario and he would explain the reason behind it and how I could handle it. I soon started seeing positive changes in her behavior. The physical violence totally stopped. There was still some verbal stuff but we were working on that too. I worked with Fernando for about a year when we decided that my daughters behaviors had changed for the better so much that I no longer needed to work with him. It was a sad but happy day. I learned so much from Fernando about my daughter and how to keep a peaceful home. It has been about 4 months since working with Fernando and things are still great. I am forever grateful to Behavior Basics Inc. for sending him to work with us. "
Client of BBI, Florida Parent

Endorsements for Karin Torsiello

"I first became acquainted with Karin through FIT. She has been an amazing and knowledgeable support to me. She cares about the people she serves and is always willing to go over and beyond to help solve problems and build relationships. She has great knowledge and skill."
Carol Gross, Region Behaviorist, Court Specialist, Social Worker at State of Utah
"Karin has excellent organizational skills. She is a co-instructor with our program and consistently is one of the top rated instructors. She has excellent communication skills and the ability to make things happen!"
Cindy Schmitt, Senior Director, Continuing Education at Florida Institute of Technology
"Karin is a wonderful person and knowledgeable behavior analyst with a great sense of humor. Her professionalism and understanding of behavior analysis coupled with her ability to communicate in simple language makes her a viable and reliable resource to other professionals and persons she serves. Karin is dedicated and thorough, making any project she takes on a worthy...more"
Jeff Davis, Co-Instructor BCBA Florida Institute of Technology
"Karin is an excellent presenter and incredibly hard worker! As a leader, she motivates her employees, yet, is also able to be a "team" player herself. I thoroughly recommend her!"
Jan Montgomery, Adjunct Faculty The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
"Co-Instructor for Online ABA Program at Florida Institute of Technology Karin Torsiello has been in the business of behavior change for well over ten years. I am proud to have worked in tandem for the past eight years on numerous projects with her. Advantage Behavioral Group has innovative products that help move people to achieve the level of results they have always wanted but could not attain on their own. If you are ready to reach new heights within you family and organizations I highly recommend engaging in a partnership with Karin and the team at Advantage Behavioral Group. "
Angelique Walsh, MA, BCBA Stuart, Florida
"I have worked with Karin Torsiello for several years now and have found her to be a caring professional, dedicated to the families she serves and to the universal goal of child-abuse prevention. She believes in empowering the family unit to make positive decisions and equiping them with the tools necessary to create safe, stable and loving homes. Karin and her husband, Rob, are talented business people, who believe that the health and well-being of our community's children and families is a shared responsibility. Together, they are making a positive impact on the local community."
Christina Kaiser, Community Relations Directory, United for Families Circuit 19 Florida
"Karin has demonstrated her extensive knowledge about the dynamics of relationships as it pertains to children and adults, in particular from my perspective, for foster care children who have experienced trauma which is often played out in their behaviors. Karin has a keen sense of what is driving the child's behaviors (which are often quite challenging) as well as the skills and tools needed by foster parents and facility (example, group home settings) staff who work with these children on a daily basis. Her ideas regarding the array of services and treatment for Florida's Foster Care System is appreciated and was the cornerstone of the Residential Workgroup discussions. Karin is extremely skilled in program development and foster parent training."
Mary Ann, Davenport Coordinator at Florida Coalition for Children
"Karin has excellent organization and leadership skills. She is enthusiastic and motivated. Her behavioral skills are evident in all of her professional interactions. Karin models positive reinforcement across all environments!"
Ginny Jones, Clinical Director at Helping People Succeed, Inc
"Karin and her team developed a behavioral program for our adolescent residential facility which included training of staff and monitoring results. Her work was very instrumental in helping our staff and the residents regarding treatment outcomes, functioning in day to day activities of the residents and the promotion of socialization skills."
Bob Quam, Hospital Administrator, GEO Care Inc./MCMHTF
"Karin is a dynamo. She is bright, passionate, caring and truly dedicated to children and the important work she provides. She is a person of substance and quality. Anyone who has the opportunity to utilize her many skills, will not be disappointed. I highly recommend her and will happily discuss her talents further with anyone who would like to contact me."
Christine Demetriades, CEO United for Families
"Karin has done an excellent job with coordinating and implementation of the parenting classes for Southport Middle School. The parents report that they have gotten such good instruction that they feel they can carry the strategies out in their homes. She has brought in great ladies to assist her with the instruction. It is truly a pleasure to have Karin and the parenting classes available for the parents of Southport Middle School. "
Tammy Altizer, Speech/language pathologist & Before and after school coordinator St Lucie County Schools
"Karin is highly respected in her field. Her dedication and energy is inspiring to everyone within her sphere of influence. While Karin is already an expert, she continues to explore new avenues of research and apply this information towards improving her skills and passing this on to those around her. One of the greatest joys of being an educator is experiencing a student grow and surpass the teacher. I applaud Karin's continued growth and have watched with admiration, over the years, as she applies her knowledge and skills with enthusiasm and seemingly tireless effort."
Karole Dubowsky, Florida State Training Director & CUP Training Resource Director
"Having worked with Karin as a colleague over the past several years, I have come to admire and respect her talent and passion for the field of Behavior Analysis. She is committed to providing the highest quality services to an ever-expanding population of clients, and is consistently able to motivate and encourage others to believe that positive change is possible. Karin is an asset to any company."
Aliyah Sonner, MA, BCBA, LMFT Behavior Basics South Florida
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